Cape Cod Report Oct. 4

It is hard to believe it is October. For some the boats are out and the season has ended. Others are gearing up for the fall rush. A few by no choice of their own have accumulated boat issues which has forced them off the water. Me? I’ve blown my gas budget chasing albies. My lobster pots are out of the water so I am safe if a big storm rolls in. I may do more shore fishing but still expect to use the boat.

There has been a slow down in numbers and size of the fish working though the canal. Prime bait had been large squid and white plugs, especially pencil poppers were doing the trick.

Bay Side
Still a few stripers moving along Sandy Neck and an early morning bite in Barnstable Harbor. Maybe even some activity off Brewster.

South Side
Still the focus is on albies. I found the bite was better in the afternoon this past week than in the morning. Maybe I should have used the term activity since I have yet to hook one. The island coves have been the focal point of most, but I thing if you go exploring, you can find a better bite with fewer run and gun boaters getting in the way. I found a nice bass blitz doing that. Actually felt bad to leave them when I got a call about albies on the surface.

Outer Cape

The Federal shut down has made access to the beaches more of a challenge but for those that find a way, the fishing is good and it is uncrowded.

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2 comments on “Cape Cod Report Oct. 4
  1. avatar Jim Herbert says:

    Plenty of albies from new seabury to robinsons. Wind today made it difficult to travel, but good size schools were obvious from a distance.

  2. avatar Bhargav says:

    And you shoulda been here yesaerdty. Unless you were, then it was the day before. Fantastic fishing!Some days you just have to settle for a reasonable tug on the line.

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