Cape Cod Saltwater Fishing report August 2, 2013

Head of Meadow - Cape Cod Saltwater Fishing Report

This picture is from Head of the Meadow beach. I have not been there for awhile and the change really took me back. It is almost like there is a barrier beach there. The beach at the base of the access is very narrow and then there is the channel. When I arrived the water was flowing out of the channel and it’s depth was anywhere from ankle to knee deep. It’s length was at least a 1/2 mile. By 6pm it was just a couple hours short of high tide and the channel was deep enough so that any people still on the “outer beach” had to swim to get back to the “mainland”. There was a decent current on the both the outgoing and incoming tides. I did see bait come in with the tide. The area the area where the channel empty into the ocean looked like it would be a great place to fly fish when there were no people splashing about, although it would have been a bit of a hike for me personally.

Cape Cod Canal

There are fish to be had for those that put in their time or are just plain luck. The east end is doing a bit better than the west end.

At Cape Cod Bait and Tackle, they report:


NewsImageCape Cod Canal: The bass are pretty picky the past few days. There is Peanut Bunker, sea herring, and butterfish. The bigger bass have been hitting Magic Swimmers. One of the most productive lures is the Blue Back 9″ Magic Swimmer.

Cape Cod Bay: The Huge Bass have stacked up on Scorton Ledge. Orange Santini Tube has produced the biggest fish. Orange is the color. on the ledge itself


Vineyard Sound

People are beginning to look for bonito and a few have been take over by Nantucted and south to the Vineyard. The waters this side of the islands have been thick with bluefish ins some of the rips.

If you like bass and company, look for the fleet off Chatham. They are still going strong.

Martha’s Vineyard

First bonito of the year on Capawok!

First bonito of the year on Capawok!

Capt. Phil Cronin at Capawok Charters had this wonderful news:

We were swatting greenheads today! Islander Mike Lynch managed to capture the boats first of the year and his third of a lifetime. Congrats Mike.


At Crossrip Outfitters they report:

Hot and Windy has been on our weather front here for way to many days. Looks like that is changing this week. With the warm and muggy days it’s been having an effect on our fishery. The warm water is slowing the Striper bite in the shallows and rips. The fish are still there it just takes a bit more persistence and patience to get the bite. What is heating up is the report from Offshore. To the South there have been Tuna and Mahi and at least a sighting or White Marlin out towards the Dump. To the East the Tuna bite is turning back on. I think the Tuna have been pretty far out but that report is a few days old. The bottom fishing is holding steady for Fluke and Black Sea Bass. Find the time, wet a line be patient and be rewarded. Tight Lines!

At Bill Fisher Tackle they report:

And….The wind continues…This is proving to be a summer of resilience…for fishermen and fish alike. We have been lucky that the fish have held on but now we need the fishermen to go make memories! Luckily we are looking ahead at great weather and with fish still active we look forward to what the week ahead holds for those that put their time in.

Last week we reported bonito being caught and we hoped this week the fishery would turn on.  Many of us spent a great deal of time on the bar and we all saw fish, but the bonito stayed elusive.  Bonito however have been caught on the Western Rips and the visuals on the bar prove they are here.  The bait is set up perfectly and many agree there is more bait and Terns than we have seen in years, so we are all optimistic with a stretch of good weather that the fish will start to produce consistently.  As we said last week with Bonito in our waters, we recommend beach fishermen find their way into the coatue/great point bend of the island as these fish tend to cruise the Galls shoreline at the same time they enter the West End.  Use Deadly Dicks from the Beach.  We also want to mention to all to be careful when navigating the opening in Madaket.  The channel is very different from last year, so make sure to do it first on a clear day.  Read the rest on their site…

Cape Cod Bay

tubewormThe ledge is seeing some decent fish and crowds. The picture indicates what is popular this week.

Barnstable has been a bit quiet except for some early morning schoolie actions. (Although it has been good to my lobster pots.

At Goosehummock in Dennis they report:

Reports from Sesuit are coming in and it sounds pretty slow overall. Saturday and Sunday proved hard fishing for striped bass-with only a couple caught all weekend. Decent sized bluefish were reported, but not in large quantities. The flats reported having some numbers of schoolies that were taking unweighted rubber baits, savagear sand eels, or sand eels.  Bottom fishing has been ok- reports of a few tautog and sea bass  A lot of the capt’s were talking about heading to Ptown today to check it out, will see what happens. Might be worth while to hit the freshwater ponds with lots of reports of 4-6 lb bass being a normal  occurrence


At Riptide Charters, Capt. Terry Nugent’s been running offshore…

Did a trip with Joe Higgins, Phil Buzby, Billy DeSousa, Ray Avitable and Marty Smith. It was not the red hot bite we had the day prior, but it was not without its really high points. Ray landed his first Marlin Ever, The first on the RIPTIDE this year. Billy crossed Mahi off the bucket list with a NICE bull!. Phil kept the entire trip fully documented with camera and video from all angles (Thanks!) and at the end Joe (Fished Impressions) Printed the bull Mahi several times for the crew! 3 Species to the boat. A pair of trophys for Billy and Ray. Next time we can fill the coolers with tuna 😉


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