New York and New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Report for July 12, 2013

New Jersey

Capt. Paul Eidman at Reel Therapy reports:

reeltherapy1All good.This week had us slinging live bunkers under bluefish at times to fly casting for weakies along structure. Fluke fishing is picking up as well. Dates available. Come out and go for fluke or weakies on the fly or bucktailing with braided line. Water temps still down and shortie stripers are still here as well!!
Capt. Paul Eidman
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New York City

From Capt. John McMurray at One More Cast Charters:

Christine with a nice striper - photo by Capt. John McMurray

Christine with a nice striper – photo by Capt. John McMurray

Well, this may be the longest I’ve gone yet without posting a report.  What can I say?  Been supper busy running trips, and working my “night job”, the dog ate my homework etc…  But things are beginning to slow down now and it’s time to start thinking about running offshore.  But first, a recap.  We had some crazy good fishing in Jamaica Bay this year.  Kinda like old times.  The popper fishing along the mud flats was awesome for a good two weeks.  Some real bruits caught.  Reminiscent of 2007/2008.  We also had a worm hatch that, believe it or not, lasted an entire 7 or 8 days.  That provided for some really good shallow water fishing also.  And…  The sight-fishing was pretty darn good in both May and June.  When the weather allowed we had dozens of shots a day, with a good eat ratio.  In fact, when the sun actually comes out, it’s still going pretty good out there.  If you haven’t done this kind of fishing yet, you should really give it a try.

There is something very cool about stalking cruising fish in crystal clear water.  And to that effect we just added a proper flats-skiff to the fleet to do just that.  A 17′ Maverick.  Unfortunately the weather got nasty just as I took delivery so it hasn’t really seen water yet.  I’m hoping this weekend the sun will come out and we can christen her.

Kenneth Lin with a healthy linesider - Capt. John McMurray

Kenneth Lin with a healthy linesider – Capt. John McMurray

The bottom line here is that we had a surprisingly good spring (check out the photos below) but it’s time to transition to the offshore stuff.  On that front, there are numerous reports of a good bluefin bite not far off.  Been checking water temps at some of the mahi spots and they look pretty good.  I’d be surprised if they weren’t there yet.  But literally as soon as those tuna reports began to filter in, the weather turned bad.  And it’s been pretty ugly for a couple of weeks now.  The good news is that’s gonna change.  Things look like they will settle by late week.  In fact, if this high-pressure system sets in like it’s supposed to, next week should be prime.

I’m likely headed offshore every day next week, so if you want to get on a boat, shoot me an email:  And…  We should still have solid sight-fishing through July.  Like I said, that is some cool stuff.  Give it a try and you’ll know what I mean.   Oh, and one more thing.  The fluke fishing has been awesome this year!  Hey, don’t knock it till you try it.  Some real bruisers doormats out there.  That’s what happens when you bite the bullet and rebuild a fishery.



Long Island and Montauk

Capt. Gene Kelly at Montauk Sportfishing reports:


The weather cleaned itself up just in time for the July 4th weekend. And, here’s a little advice for you in dealing with holiday weekends. Don’t go downtown. I couldn’t even find a parking place to get my mail. Coming back from the boat on Saturday, it was stop and go traffic in the westbound lane from Cyril’s up to the Overlook.

Offshore, the “blue hoard” has departed to the east. You no longer have to reel in a dozen or more bluesharks while hoping the next one will be a mako. Now you can expect to hook up with a couple of them, but there is a real good chance for a mako, maybe 50-50. Or maybe a thresher like the 420 lb. one that the WINDY brought back. And, bring the Sabikis. At some point in the day the tinkers will show up and you can load up on fluke baits. The water is a crappy green color and around seventy-three degrees.

Nothing to talk about on the tuna front, except that there were some seen jumping around with the striped bass at the Point. Shark boats aren’t seeing them and just about the only bird life is with some whales and porpoise.

Inshore the striped bass fishing is good but was difficult over the weekend, mainly because of the excess of boats. The bass are roaming around in small packs and will corral some sand eels and when they do they draw a few birds. Not like in the fall with huge schools of fish. But one person will see those birds and start fishing them. Then ten more boats will steam up and it’s “ball game over” I’m sure that after the weekend is over the fishing
will be a little more pleasant.

There are fluke all over the place, but most of them are dwarfs. But there are patches of decent sized fish. You just have to keep at it until you find them. Seabass opens up on Wednesday. One day early in the week I took a ride out to Rocky Hill and found plenty of them and most legal size. After a while some doggies moved in, so we went back inside. But most of the dogs were the summer spineless type.

For years every June there would be letters in the East Hampton Star castigating the Montauk fishing fleet over the shark tournaments. Now we’ve got a new all release tournament coming up. It will be held July 27 & 28 at the Montauk Marine Basin. It would be interesting to see if any of those letter writers will support the concept by entering. They need observers for each boat, so if you are interested in spending a couple of days watching other people catch sharks, drop Carl Darenberg a line at But don’t wait until the last minute because there will be a training session that you will have to go through. For more info about the tournament, go to

For more info about fishing in Montauk, check out

And, if you would like to get the reports by e-mail, drop me a line at

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