Capt. Terry Nugent at Riptide Charters sent along this great video:

Here is a 3 minute video of Riptide Charters Mate Shaun Ruge showing how to get it done on Finchaser’s first tuna.

Then they decided to get REALLY serious on the tuna and they paired up the Black Magic Harness and the Riptide BIG GUN to start putting some serious numbers on the board!

When it was getting near dark we all decided to leave the fish biting soe there would be some left for tomorrow.  So with HUGE smiles and bloody decks Finchaser and Riptide raced accross flat calm seas back towards the canal.  Finchaser with it’s first taste of tuna blood on the deck, and a pile of releases under it’s belt and  Riptide with a VERY happy and tired crew!


Mark N. Cahill has been writing and editing for since 1995. He started fishing in the mid-1960's and caught his first striper off World's End in Hingham in 1966. From there on in it was an obsession. He loves fishing for tuna, and fly fishing for striped bass. In a pinch, anything with fins will do...

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