Fly Fisherman Enjoying Stellar Spring Fishing

Bluefish on the Boat!  Capt. Brendan McCarthy

Bluefish on the Boat! Capt. Brendan McCarthy

Fly fishing across the region has been strong and steady over the past week. Large fish are being taken on the Jersey shore, around the metro area and Jamaica Bay and out east. The surf around Montauk has been productive and cool temps have made the flats really productive on the few days we have had good light this past week. Certainly the Fall gets more of the glory, in terms of best times of year to fish, but Springtime offers some of the best fishing for large fish and there are certainly fewer boats on the water. So far, this spring season has been pretty stellar and I am frequently suprised by the lack of pressure these fish are receiving. Silversides have been abundant out east after a lackluster squid run and now sand eel reports are beginning to trickle in from across our region. I look forward to what lies ahead in what has already been a great start to the season.
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Peconic Bay

img_8027-derrWhen we have had the light, the flats fishing has been superb. There are large fish, in the teens, being taken on the flats of Peconic Bay with many larger fish about as well. These “knee knockers” will give even seasoned veterans a touch of buck fever. As stated in the intro, sand eels are showing up en masse to add to the silversides and crabs we are finding these fish gorging on from west of Robin’s Island out to Napeague. If you are inclined to take a bruiser in shallow water, now would be the time to set your sites and give it a shot. It is so rewarding to catch one of these large bass in clear shallow water. I had Dave Gulden on the flats looking for bass in less than ideal conditions with heavy winds and tough light on Tuesday afternoon. Despite the dauntig conditions, he still got it done, catching and releasing a few nice bass in the few spots we found lee. His excitement towards this approach, while not evident in his photographs, was quite evident in a phone call the next day, “Hey Derr, I can’t get those fish and that scene out of my head. Those bass are really sticking with me.” That they will Dave.
Capt. Andrew Derr 212.495.9062

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Island Guide Service reports:

Hey Andrew, were having plenty of shots & fish when the lights are on. It’s no secret this past week  the weather gods have not been playing nice.  Some good stuff can be attributed to those erratic fronts though.  After that big east mess cleared out the sandeels were more abundant everywhere we fished from the Peconic’s to Orient. If the Stripes werent into the sandeel then on went the shrimp bug  which got the job done.  Shrimp spawning activity is increasing daily now.  Really looking forward to more fresh arrivals with this weekend’s moon, when things  will be primed to blow  WIDE OPEN .

Get Tight !
Bill Cox

Metro Area- Jamaica Bay

Capt. Frank Crescitelli wrestles with a fish - photo by Capt. Brendan McCarthy

Capt. Frank Crescitelli wrestles with a fish - photo by Capt. Brendan McCarthy

As you can see, I am trying to take some photos for Frankie’s new popper catalog, but I have to say, the things work better than anything I have ever used.  No more about it I promise. Didn’t take alot of photos this week as it has rained when i have been out harder than i have ever seen.  I happen to be lucky in that the day I wasn’t out,  I heard were not great, but the days I was, killed.

Never had a slower May for charters but am having fun the 3 or 4 days I do manage to get out with weather and kids days and all. As you can see the fish are getting bigger and the boat fewer so have been having a blast. Tons of schoolies on poppers (both fly and spin) in the shallow water, I mean dozens upon dozens, and some bigger fish when we can tear away from the hot action. so far I havent had many people wanting to leave really steady fishing, te case the bigger ones that much. Did finally see some substantial sand eels, and it was very cool watching the bigger fish smashing them on the surface. even thought the baits are not huge (big for sand eels though) the fish are really pounding them.

Having a blast around the Bunkers schools with fat and super aggressive Blueish, and even some sightfishing from the my battleship I call a boat. I have to say, I must not have much bottom paint left though. Am looking forward to flats fishing starting next Wednesday out east and continuing JBay on other days. Looks like the Bigguns are really just showing now, so I look forward to that.


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Capt. Chris Hessert of reports:

A nice striper - photo by Capt. Chris Hessert

A nice striper - photo by Capt. Chris Hessert

Sounds like things are good out your way! Fishing here on the outside has off/on but in a big way…had Tom and Dominic out, after 2 1/2 hours in a steady down pour, Tom had a nice 23 pounder  assault…very pretty clean fish. foamy water and overcast is the recipe for the fatties!
Then had the chance to fish with Flick Ford, accomplished angler artist and writer. Had’em good at first light then with the rising sun things got skinny fast…Sunday more of the same.
The second half of the week looks snotty which tells me its gonna be good! hey, as long as I stay dry and there is no lightning…GOOD TO GO! I love June! last 4 seasons always a great month on the linesiders…keep the faith brother, hope to report more good stuff!

Capt. Chris

The battle - photo by Capt. Chris Hessert

The battle - photo by Capt. Chris Hessert

Photo by Capt. Chris Hessert

Photo by Capt. Chris Hessert

New Jersey


John K. with a 35lb New Jersey striper

It’s been one more good week of bass fishing, Boat traffic is taking its toll, with a large fleet it does not take long to put fish down. So finding fish on your own is the key to a good bite. There is a good spead of bait now up and down the coast. Out going tide and a insane cinder worm hatch had small bluefish going wild the last few mornings off the river mud flats. Monster bluefish some almost 20 lbs showed up mid week just destroying baits intended for bass, even bunker heads were devoured by these beasts.  Some highlights from the past week.  Rudy Sheck with his first striped bass and several others plus a mess of monster blues,  John K.with his personal best at 35lbs, Bob Steward had the high hook, releasing 16 bass to 35 lbs.


-Captain Terry Sullivan
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2 comments on “Fly Fisherman Enjoying Stellar Spring Fishing
  1. avatar Bob Veverka says:

    Fished Long Island last week, fished two nights with Glen Mikkleson, one night on the north side of the south fork. Fishing was tough, some fish showing but no hook-ups. Another night at Crab Meadow. Bluefish were showing just out of casting range and some bass. Again tough fishing , Glen caught two on his red sandeel pattern.
    Fished the flats on Peconic Bay with Joe Blados, caught two bass and saw plenty of others, somewould have gone twenty pounds. My nephew Robbie caught several bluefish. Sandeels were present but not in great numbers. Heading in we saw some nice sized schools of bat anchovies.
    For some great beach fishing contact Glen. For the flats take a trip with Joe

  2. avatar Mark Grimes says:

    Damn! Those catches are amazing! Those were big and I’m pretty sure the tag of war between the angler and the fish is very tiring. I am looking forward to watch videos with these catches.

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