Grand Slam

We got a great series of pictures in yesterday of a Grand Slam RT member Bonefishwhisperer scored recently. ┬áHere’s a quick version of his story:

DSC_0888Happy birthday for me, no? The hammer has fallen and there was NO MERCY!!!! No permit goes 0 for 8 with the bonefishwhisperer….finally shocked the monkey today…started as usual with a big bonefish loss on deep canal edge but today was different and I pushed forward because I wanted a permit for my birthday…my present was 3 days of Bonefish Bootcamp….I broke my 10wt in short order when I started chasing permit…the guide broke off the bottom…probably where my finger went in there a couple months ago…anyway I was down to my 8wt and 1 weighted dread when all hell broke loose…permit where coming fast so I threw the dread just as if they were bonefish…they acted just like bones and immediately I was hooked up….long hot sweaty battle but a true victory…I was pumped and ready to go get a bone when I seen more sickles so I went to them and gave then the dread and again instant hookup…a little bigger one this time….this fight really zapped me and I puked hard upon landing the fish…sweet…in the process I caught a few snapper and jacks and cudas but as you can imagine I was hot to trot for the slam…tides were against me now but I couldnt be stopped…seen bones running deep in freshwater…very tough to get a bone to take it until I swam it on the surface!?!…stayed on the bones until I finally landed 2 of them…now I was totally exhausted and had stopped sweating an hour ago…every push of the pole gave me cramps in my forearms and my hamstrings from odd angles while fighting and landing the fish out deep…I crawled back to the truck and used my last energy to blast the baby tarpon supply I have kept in check for just such a day…got 2 quick baby tarpon on 6wt…one went flying over my head on the hookset because they are micro …the bottom line is I have double GRAND SLAMED and am waiting for permit pictures from the East Boys right now…my pictures suck but please realize it was so hot and I was a total hands were shaking hard and glasses fogged etc….greatest day of my fishing life

Read the full thread, along with many more pictures in the Forum


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